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Soothing The Beast [Paul/Embry][One-Shot]

Title: Soothing The Beast [One-Shot]
Pairing: Paul/Embry
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Standing but a foot away from the older shifter, Embry reached out, heart pounding in his throat, and placed a nervous hand on Paul’s shoulder. “Look at me.” he whispered.

Paul's body was hot. Too hot.

He could feel the heat dancing beneath his skin, yet all he wanted to feel was the cool breeze that he knew was in the air tonight.

That familiar, tingling sensation crawled up and down his spine. His hands shook, muscles tightened. His anger was drawing out the wolf within. The animal was close to bursting from his flesh.

But he resisted. 

He didn't want to phase.

That would make it too easy for the others to find him.

After his fight with Jacob this morning, Sam had wanted to talk.

The Alpha was concerned that it was becoming far too easy for Paul's anger to get the better of him.

And he knew Sam was afraid that one day, that anger might cause him to do something he would deeply regret.

Flexing his fingers.

Curling his hands into fists.

Paul tried to push the beast down.

He knew that Sam could follow his scent if he really wanted to find him. But at least it would take him longer that way.


With a frustrated growl, Paul fell to his knees, hands clawing at the dirt and dry leaves on the forest floor.


His back arched, muscles straining. Fingers digging deeper and deeper into the soil.


Breathing heavily, he set his gaze on a leaf in front of him, greener than all the rest. Focusing on that leaf, he began to suck in air slowly, deeply.


Steadily, he regained control and his body became less tense.


Getting back on his feet, Paul stared up at the patches of dark sky that he could see between the tops of the thick trees.


The moon was bright, but only half full.


Wiping his dirty hands off on his shorts, he kept on walking.


* * *


The sky continued to darken by the minute, the forest almost pitch black.


The only light left was the silver glow of the half moon.


Embry knew Paul was close.


His scent was sharp here.


Lowering his snout to the ground, Embry sniffed, allowing his nose to guide him.


* * *


Leaning his bare back against the rough trunk of a tree, Paul closed his eyes.


Isabella Swan’s face filled his mind.


Anger stirred in the pit of his stomach.


With a deep breath, he forced all thoughts of the bitch to dissipate.


His muscles were beginning to ache and he groaned at the tension in his body.


* * *


Embry stopped.


Paul’s scent was very strong now.


The wolf knew he must be close.


Wagging his tail, Embry morphed back into human form.


Reaching into the pouch at his leg, he pulled out his shorts and slipped them on.


It took a moment for his human eyes to adjust to the dark.


And then he moved on.


Minutes later, he found Paul.


His pack-mate was leaning against a tree, eyes closed and breathing deeply.


Cautiously, he stepped closer.


Dry leaves crunched beneath his feet.


Paul’s eyes flew open and he turned in Embry’s direction.


The two shifters stared at each other.


Embry stood still, leaving a distance of a few meters between Paul and himself. “Paul… Are you alright?”


Paul growled, a small tremor running through his muscles.


Embry took a step back. “Paul?”


“What?” Paul glared at the young shifter. “What the fuck do you want?”


“To see if you were okay. I was worried.”


Paul frowned.


He closed his eyes again.


Breathing in. And out. In. And out.


Embry moved a few steps closer, alert and ready to defend himself if need be. “Do you want me to leave?” he asked softly.


“Did Sam send you?” Paul spoke through gritted teeth.


“No. He’s with Emily, I think. Honestly, Paul, I just wanted to see that you were alright.”


Looking at Embry, the older shifter sighed and pushed himself away from the tree. “You’re Jake’s best friend, so tell me what it is he sees in that leech-loving whore.”


“She’s not a whore, Paul.”


Glaring at Embry, Paul took a step forward.


The young shifter took three steps back, caution and fear in his eyes.


Another tremor danced through Paul’s body, this one more violent than the last. But still, he resisted the desire to transform.


In an unsteady voice, Embry continued, “And I don’t know what Jake sees in her. She’s his friend. He just likes being around her. He loves her, I guess.” It was the wrong thing to say. Embry knew this the second the words left his mouth.


Paul turned away from him, body shaking, muscles straining beneath his skin.


“Shit,” Embry muttered, “Paul, listen to me. You’re alright. Just breathe. Control this.”


Clenching his fists so tight that it hurt, Paul shut out everything but the sound of Embry’s voice. His heart hammered against his ribcage, muscles tightening and burning. “Keep talking.” he gasped.


Mouth dry and eyes wide, Embry moved forward, closer to Paul. “Think about something peaceful. The ocean. The sound of waves crashing against the shore…”


Standing but a foot away from the older shifter, Embry reached out, heart pounding in his throat, and placed a nervous hand on Paul’s shoulder. “Look at me.” he whispered.


With three long, deep breaths, Paul turned his head to the side, looking at Embry from the corner of his eye.


“Just breathe,” Embry continued, squeezing Paul’s shoulder, gently digging his fingers into hot flesh and knotted muscle.


Paul swayed unsteadily for a moment, one last, small tremor moving through his body. And then he sighed, shrugging off Embry’s touch. He moved to place a hand on the tree trunk, and then he let his whole body sag against it.


Silently, minutes passed.


Embry watched Paul.


Paul stared at the ground.


Embry took a step toward his pack-mate. Then another. And another, until he and Paul were close enough to touch. His eyes flickered over Paul’s face, gaze lingering on his lips.


The older shifter looked at Embry with curiosity, a slight frown creasing his forehead.


Embry leant forward, pressing his lips softly against Paul’s jaw line.


Paul didn’t respond.


Moving his lips slowly, Embry kissed a gentle trail down Paul’s tense, warm neck. His hands gripped Paul’s powerful biceps, fingers kneading the muscle roughly as he pinned the older shifter’s arms against the tree.


Paul growled. A low, warning sound from deep within his chest.


Shifting his own body to the side a little, so as not to make Paul feel trapped, Embry released Paul’s arms and moved his hands down his pack-mate’s hard torso.


Gripping Paul’s hips, Embry curled his fingers inward, short nails scratching Paul’s hot skin. He parted his lips, sucking on the tender flesh at Paul’s collar bone, biting down, gently at first, then harder, teeth scraping over sensitive skin.


Paul’s body remained still, but his breathing quickened, and Embry could smell his pack-mate’s arousal.  


Bringing his lips to rest at the corner of Paul’s mouth, Embry whispered, “Relax.”


Then, reaching down, he unbuttoned Paul’s shorts, and slipped a hand inside.  



I adore you btw. This was awesome. Well done. Perfect characterizations. Lovley.

AGIAN. HOW CAN YOU CALL THIS A ONE SHOT!!!!!!! i love you're fics and hope you keep it up. And I can't want for the next chapeter of your Jake/Embry!

luv you bb! <3 ^_^
Awww, I know, I'm simply horrid. How could I even think of being this cruel to you?

But I am so happy that you liked it anyway. Your comments give me the warm fuzzies inside.

Thanks precious!



How could you do that to me?! ;~;

Why would you stop it there? *cries* honestly, i don't think this should be rated M...maybe PG13

...Tease. *pouts*
Haha, sorry!

You're right, I totally forgot there was a PG13 rating.

Thanks for commenting.

Gah! You can't stop there! Evil, EVIL person!
You might be forgiven if you write a sequel, though.. *crosses fingers*

Haha, I know it was a cruel thing to do. But that is where the story wanted to end, and so that is where I ended it.

But you can still have fun imagining what comes next, right?

Thanks for commenting!

Jesus Christ.

That was so bloody hot.

I think I died a little when I got to the end, actually.
Just telling you.
Well thank you. I'm so very pleased that you enjoyed my fic - and I am pretty sure that dieing a little is a good reaction, right?

Appreciate your comment :D

Thank you!!!