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The Hangover

Title: The Hangover
Pairing: Will/Skandar [implied]
Rating: PG-13
Summary: His mind could only register one thought, Why am I covered in semen? 

Will woke up slowly, head spinning and throbbing, mouth dry and eyes blury.

The first thing he did was look around the room. It was unfamiliar, he had no idea where he was - or how he got there.

The second thing he did was try to recall last night's events. He remembered arriving at the party, having a couple of drinks with Ben, socializing with friends and catching up.

Then everybody moved outside, sitting on fold-up chairs around a small bonfire. Will and Ben had a few beers each, talking about nothing in particular, laughing at things that weren't really funny, laughter growing louder with every sip of beer.

About four hours later, Ben's girlfriend came to pick him up, offering Will a lift. He declined, knowing he could get a ride with Anna later on.

Shortly after, Skandar arrived, already tipsy and looking a bit rough. Spotting Will and the vacant seat beside him, he stumbled over and sat down. With a huge, drunken grin, he greeted Will with slightly slurred words, throwing a clumsy arm around his shoulder.

Five more beers later, everything was beginning to blur. Voices swirled together, becoming buzzing sounds. Anna, completely sober with a bottle of Coke in her hand, allowed him to clutch onto her arm as he mumbled something irrelevant and probably incoherent. 

He remembered his head falling onto her shoulder as his eyes closed. And then Anna wasn't there anymore. He was in a car, Skandar was beside him. 

And that was it. He had no memory of what happened after that. 

Climbing off the bed, he stumbled around for a moment before finding a bathroom. He looked in the mirror, frowning at the glob of white, sticky stuff at the corner of his mouth. Wiping it away with one finger, he stared at it closely. When he realized what it was, he almost fell over. And then he found more of it, stuck to his t-shirt. 

His mind could only register one thought: Why the fuck am I covered in semen? 

He guessed he probably didn't really want to know.  

Grabbing a tissue, he cleaned his shirt as best he could, then rinsed his face and mouth with water.

Wandering from room to room, Will found three other people in the house. Two were asleep together in a second bedroom, and the other was Skandar, sprawled on the kitchen floor, dry vomit in his hair and on his clothes.

Kneeling down next to his friend, Will put a hand on his shoulder, shaking him awake. Skandar groaned, squinting up at Will from puffy eyes.

"Are you okay?" Will asked, helping the boy to his feet.

"Uhm... no." Skandar scowled, rubbing his temple with one hand, holding on to Will with the other. "Why am I covered in vomit?"

Raising his eyebrows, Will said, "I guess you threw up on yourself."

"Yeah... fucking gross."

"Hey, consider yourself lucky. I woke up covered in ejaculation ."

Pulling a face, Skandar continued to scowl. "Mmm... sorry about that."


"The ejaculation was mine."




lol, thank you very much.


marvellous and amusing. thank you, a very nice way to start my sunday.
Aww, thank you. You're just lovely. I'm very glad to hear my story was a good start to your day. Very much appreciated.


And now everyone can see a smile on my face :-)
thank you! It is great!
Thanks heaps :D


Luv it!

This one was so well written and amazing, please continue with Narnia ;D <3

Re: Luv it!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it xox
Oh my, this was great!

I'm laughing so hard xDD

Made my sunday evening. I just have to remember this when I'm at school tomorrow and maybe my morning won't seem to be that bad at all :D
Thank you!

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