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To Please The Monster Inside [Carlisle/Jasper][Chapter 34]

Title: To Please The Monster Inside [Chapter 34]
Pairing: Carlisle/Jasper
Disclaimer: Characters owned by Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: The monster inside Jasper lusts for human blood. When the desire is too strong to resist, there is only one who can help. Carlisle tamed this monster once, and now he must try again.




Carlisle showered and dressed in casual clothes before finding Esme, kissing her sweetly and telling her he loved her, gently stroking her cheek.


Jasper waited downstairs, anticipation building in his stomach. He smoothed his hands down the front of his shirt, fidgeting with nerves.


Edward sat watching television, occasionally giving Jasper a knowing glance. The empath sensed distaste in his brother, but he knew it was nothing to be worried about. Naturally, Edward would feel negatively toward what was going to happen tonight, regardless of his newfound support or acceptance.


For a second his thoughts turned to Alice, who was surely sitting alone in her room. She would have seen this, if she let herself.


Internally, the empath kicked himself as he stared at the doctor descending the stairs, feeling like a anxious teenage boy. Carlisle was a delicate sight, smooth and golden and fragile looking – but exceedingly strong underneath.


He smiled lightly at the younger vampire, “Are you ready?”


Shyly, Jasper nodded.


~ ~ ~


The hotel was at the edge of the city, very average and quite cheap, but almost completely empty – which was the reason Carlisle had chosen it. The less human temptation Jasper had to deal with, the better.


Their room was nothing fancy. Beige walls and mauve carpet, boring furniture and the smell of cleaning products. The bed was large, but looked weak. Oh well, Carlisle thought, if the bed doesn’t hold up, there’s always the floor.


Jasper lingered nervously in the doorway. He thought he should be ecstatic right now, because this was what he wanted. But he was scared, afraid of all the things that could go wrong, of all the possible consequences this night could have.


Jasper knew that if this act of intimacy curbed his bloodlust for humans, he would be begging to have Carlisle inside him on a weekly basis. He also knew the impact this could and most likely would have on the Cullen family.


Esme’s face flashed through his mind, Alice’s face lingering in the background.


He took a deep breath, biting his lip as he watched the doctor sit on the edge of the bed, resting his hands on his knees and kicking off his shoes and socks. “Its okay, Jasper.” Carlisle reached out a hand, gesturing with a smile for the empath to come closer. “I didn’t think I’d be the one reassuring you.” He chuckled lightly, eyes brightening as Jasper shut the door behind him.


When the empath was near enough, Carlisle placed both hands on Jasper’s hips, massaging the flesh with his thumbs.


The younger vampire stood between the doctor’s legs, swaying gently as he licked his lips. He cradled the back of Carlisle’s head with one hand, pulling his face in to rest against his abdomen. “I’m nervous,” he whispered.


“I know,” Carlisle sighed, pressing his lips to the thin fabric of Jasper’s shirt. “Because you’re making me nervous, too.”


“Oh… sorry.” Closing his eyes, the empath drew on the passionate emotions lurking within them both. Giving power to his own need, Jasper pushed his nerves away.


Slender fingers, cool and confident, slid underneath Jasper’s shirt, exploring the snowy skin with tender slowness. There was no need to rush any of this, they both knew that. Every action could be taken at the slowest pace, every touch soaked up by the body receiving it.


Wet lips feathered across the empath’s hard stomach as Carlisle pushed the shirt higher.


Jasper tipped his head back, bathing in the simple sensation of soft lips moving over muscle. “Let’s make tonight last forever… okay?”


“Okay.” Carlisle mumbled against his skin, hands unfastening the button and zipper on Jasper’s pants. Sliding them down just a little, he placed a kiss at the edge of each hip bone.


Jasper’s fingers twined in the doctor’s silvery hair, pulling gently.


Guiding with his hands, Carlisle turned the empath around, licking a cold, wet trail around his waist to the small of his back. Kneading Jasper’s thighs with his fingers, the doctor sucked at the back of his hip, teeth grazing the skin only slightly.


Jasper pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor by his feet. The lean muscles of his back flexed with every movement, spine arching at the attention his body was receiving.


And then suddenly, Carlisle’s lips were gone. Turning quickly, the empath gazed down at the doctor’s face, illuminated by the slither of moonlight shining through the curtains. He traced Carlisle’s lips with one finger, slipping it inside his mouth.


Sucking gently, the doctor grabbed the back of Jasper’s thighs, leaning back as the younger vampire crawled into his lap.


Rocking his hips very slowly, Jasper put a hand against Carlisle’s chest, pushing him down onto the bed. Leaning down, Jasper flattened his body against the doctor’s, nibbling at the curve of his neck.


Carlisle’s breaths came slow and light from beautiful, parted lips, his body reacting to Jasper with chaste vulnerability. He had never been with anyone but Esme, and the idea of giving himself to someone else was foreign.


Positioning a leg between Carlisle’s thighs, Jasper pushed gently against his groin.


The doctor’s breathing faltered, hitching in his throat. He wound his arms around Jasper’s neck, bringing their lips together.


Cool tongues slipped over each other, massaging and tasting.


It took a minute, but Jasper managed to elicit a pretty moan from Carlisle’s mouth, his leg doing beautiful things between the doctor’s thighs.


Leaning up on his elbows, Carlisle pulled his lips away, looking into Jasper’s dark, glazed eyes. “Your eyes are crimson, around the irises…” he mumbled.


Biting his lip, the empath bowed his head. “It will fade.”


“Yes…” Carlisle smiled, slowly switching their positions. He lay Jasper back against the pillows and removed his shoes and socks.


Jasper watched, eyes darkening ever more, as Carlisle unbuttoned his own shirt and unbuckled his belt. His skin began to tingle, stomach rising and falling with each drawn out breath.


Carlisle’s thumb danced gently over one of Jasper’s nipples, his other hand working to pull the empath’s pants and briefs down. Jasper helped, squirming and lifting his hips, pulling his legs out completely and kicking them off onto the bed.


Now entirely exposed, Jasper’s breathing grew heavier, hands trembling as he pushed the doctor’s shirt down over his shoulders.


Bending forward, the older vampire kissed the skin above Jasper’s erection, smiling at the gasp he heard. He let a single finger trail from the head to the base of the hard organ, moving to kiss the empath’s inner thighs.


Jasper whined, body shaking with anticipation. “We need to get rid of these.” He mumbled, tugging at the doctor’s open pants.


Chuckling, Carlisle sat back to remove his pants, eyes almost shyly downcast as he slid his underwear off. “Better?” he asked, smiling gently.


“Mmm…” Jasper reached up to touch the doctor’s face, his legs squeezing around the other’s hips. “Make love to me, Carlisle.”


And so he did.


Placing his hands at the back of Jasper’s knees, the doctor pushed his legs up, spreading them just a little. Then he leant forward over the body beneath him, meeting Jasper’s lips with a hot sensuality he hadn’t felt for a long time.


Jasper’s kiss became rough before Carlisle stopped and slipped two fingers inside the empath's mouth. Jasper swirled his tongue around the fingers, wettig them with saliva. With parted lips, Carlisle removed his fingers and lowered his hand between the empath's legs. Pressing their lips together, Carlisle penetrated Jasper's body with two fingers, carefully pushing them in and out, stretching him as thoroughly as he could.


Jasper entangled one hand within the doctor’s silken hair, the other crawling between their bodies to stroke his own cock.


Carlisle shushed him as he began to whimper, kissing him until he was quiet.


Sitting back, the doctor pulled his fingers from Jasper's body and spat on them, using the saliva to lubricate the entrance to the other's body as best he could.  

Positioning himself quickly, Carlisle met Jasper’s black eyes before he pushed his erection inside.


Jasper’s back arched, and Carlisle slowly eased himself in deeper.  


The empath’s legs wound their way back around the doctor’s waist, pulling their bodies closer.


Carlisle’s pace was slow and careful, his thrusts kept gentle despite the tight warmth tempting him to fuck harder.


Taking hold of the hand with which Jasper was stroking himself, Carlisle moved it away, replacing it with his own.


Jasper turned his head to the side, eyes closed, lips parted lazily. He moaned and whimpered, suffocating in the sensations overwhelming his body.


“Carlisle…” he breathed, pulling the doctor’s neck down to his lips.


He felt Carlisle falter for a moment, his rhythm jarring as he sucked in a quick breath.


“I won’t do this… if you don’t want me to.” Jasper whispered, hoping his words were coherent.


Carlisle shook his head, rolling his hips and hitting that spot inside Jasper. “No, you need it. I trust you… its alright.”


Writhing and moaning, Jasper kissed the smooth flesh of Carlisle’s neck, sucking and tasting before his teeth penetrated the skin.


And then he was blind, and his body felt weightless, and all he could hear was Carlisle’s breathing, and the pretty sounds and gasps that dripped from the doctor’s lips. And all he could feel was the body above him, the strength and the weight and the organ inside him, thick and warm as it filled him.


And all he could taste was blood on his tongue, blood that he knew should taste terrible, but only tasted like pure sin. Bitter and sweet as it rolled down his throat, warm and cold as it pooled in his gut.


He had no sense of location, or who he was. There was nothing but his senses, taste and touch and scent and sound.


Pleasure embraced him, holding him tight.


Something strained in the pit of his stomach, coiling and building and he heard himself groan, felt his back arch and his mind explode.


And then he came, the feeling so strong he couldn’t make a sound. Pleasure caressed every inch of his body, his mouth pulling back from the source of blood, head falling against the pillows.


Mouth open, eyes shut tight, desperate pants escaped his lips, legs and arms clutching and clinging to the body on top.


Kisses on his forehead, a hand on his cheek, a voice in his ear, calling him back.


Eyes fluttering open, he turned his face toward the voice. Carlisle looked down upon him, eyes dark with lust. Passion and arousal jolted his mind, the doctor’s feelings seeping into his skin.


Carlisle tried to be gentle. Though he knew Jasper could take it, he didn’t want to be rough. But the younger vampire was too tight, seducing his body and urging him to fuck faster… harder.


Gasping loudly, he clenched a hand in Jasper’s hair, clutching the sheets with the other. Finding the empath’s lips, he tried to kiss him, moaning into his mouth.


Choking on his own breath, Carlisle came, the sensation so strong that he knew Jasper was manipulating it somehow.


Riding his climax out, Carlisle kissed the vampire beneath him, tender and soft and lasting. Their tongues met, snaking together without effort.


“Wow…” Jasper breathed, his smile growing as he held Carlisle in place. “Stay inside me, just for a little while.”


Nodding weakly, Carlisle relaxed against Jasper’s chest, finding his hand and entwining their fingers. “How do you feel?”


“I… cannot explain. I feel like... everything.” Jasper ran his fingers through Carlisle’s hair, sighing at the beauty of their closeness.



Don't worry, I may have grinned once or twice while writing it.



I love you!!!

This was amazing , even better than I anticipated this was a great way to end my shitty day.
I loved this line 'Oh well, Carlisle thought, if the bed doesn’t hold up, there’s always the floor.'
I can't express how good this was and the whole scene was very hot to put it simply.

The last chapter was really good if James fucks things up I will be very sad.

I really want to see the consicences of Jasper and Carlises actions, I'm partically waiting to see Edwards and Alices reactions.


Re: :D

Thank you, I love you also. I'm very happy to hear it exceeded your expectations and that you enjoyed it so much.



Yeah Finally

Felt like I've been waiting forever for that scene but it was well worth the wait, of course now that they've had their happy moment James will probably try and screw everything up thinking it's a fun game, of course Edward would be able to sniff it out, but James know his ability now and he may act like a vicous animal, but he's definitely smarter than one, hope to see more, unlike some people.

Re: Yeah Finally

Thanks, sorry I made you wait so long. lol.

Glad it was worth it.

=D *DANCESAROUNDTHEFUCKINGROOM* The scene we've all beeen waiting for. *cough* sex *cough*

Fuck off james grrrr.

Yay been at a music festival past four days and i'm tired as fuck and you can still make me dance. Meaning you're a damn good writer. :D

uhuummmm i am now ging to switch to decaf after reading my comment. UPDATE SOON :D

Dancing around the room is the best reaction I could hope for.

Thank you.

Hope your festival was a blast. Who was playing?

Thanks again :)
Slipknot, Faith No More, Korn, Killswitch engage, Pendulum, Papa Roach, Devil driver ...

Write more Carslisle/Jasper sex scene and ill freaking dance around london. Though that might get some strange stares O_o

Sounds like a pretty good line up. I like a few of those. Especially Korn and a bit of Killswitch.

If I can get you to dance around London, my goal as a writer will be fulfilled.



whooooooooohooooooooo!!!!! i nearly faite readig this! you have just made my day! i swear you have o get published!

Re: finally!!

I think there would be some copyright issues if I tried to get this published - but it would be wonderful if I could (maybe I'll just have to change the names and stuff).

Thank you, xoxoxox
I loooooved! I loved I loved I looooved it! 8D
lol, very good to hear it. Thank you!

I have to be honest with you, I've only ever written and read Harry Potter fics, and rarely slash pairs in the fandom, mostly because they never interested me much.

I was a little wary about Twilight fic, especially between such an unusual pairing such as this one, but I found this one night and was intrigued, and I am extraordinarily glad I stuck with it. Your writing is excellent, and I absolutely love this story. This scene is phenomenally written and beautiful. The chemistry you write between them is fantastic.

You've converted me. :) I hope to read more of you work in the future. Carlisle and Jasper are just so beautiful together. It seems like the most appropriate word here.

Sorry for jumping on the bandwagon a little late. :P
I'm also glad you found your way to my story. And am thrilled that you enjoyed it, and happy to have played a part in converting you.

Your comments are wonderful and I really appreciate them. This scene was a little worrisome to write - because I knew it was the scene everyone had been waiting for. But in the end it was easy enough.

Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know what you think.

And your icon is great!