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Envy [Edmund/Peter]

Title: Envy
Pairing: (One-sided) Edmund/Peter
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of C.S. Lewis.
Summary: The simple fact was, there could be no comparison. Their bodies were so opposite, so different in every way. 

Envy eats nothing but its own heart.
                              [German Proverb]

Edmund glared at his reflection, almost expecting the glass of the mirror to crack.
With his shirt and pants discarded on the floor by his feet, his pasty pale body was nearly entirely exposed to his own cold, critical stare.

He looked upon himself with a feeling close to contempt, and in a few short seconds he had constructed a mental list of all that was wrong with his reflection. Or, to be more accurate, of all that was wrong with his reflection when comparing himself to his older brother, Peter.

Edmund snorted out loud at the very idea of comparing his long, thin limbs to the taut, toned limbs of Narnia's High King. 

The simple fact was, there could be no comparison. Their bodies were so opposite, so different in every way. 

Stepping up to the floor length mirror, Edmund placed a hand flat against his stomach. Applying a little pressure, he watched as the tips of his fingers dug into the smooth white skin. Clenching the muscles of his abdomen as tightly as he could, he drew his fingers across the middle of his belly, feeling the muscle that was buried and invisible beneath his flesh. 

Peter's muscles aren't invisible, he thought, imagining the way the muscle of his brother's abs moved and flexed beneath golden skin. Edmund had so often wanted to touch those abs, just to know what they felt like.

Gasping softly, Edmund realized his fingers were digging right into the skin beneath his belly button. Pulling his hand away and curling it into a fist, he noticed  the red, crescent shaped indentations his nails had left. 

He turned away from the mirror, moving over to the edge of his bed. 

Leaning his elbows on his knees, Edmund focused on the shapeless form of his stick-thin, lily white legs. He noted the way his calves curved slightly, and told himself that the muscles would strengthen with years to come. He told himself that, when he was Peter's age, he too would have strong thighs and well defined calves.

Rubbing his eyes, Edmund sighed, lying down on the unmade sheets. His hands wandered over the flat planes of his torso, and his eyes fluttered closed. With a few small, deep breaths he relaxed his body and filled his mind with images of Peter. 

As one hand travelled up his chest, along his collar bone and then down and along his bicep, he tried to pretend that he was the High King, that what he felt beneath his fingertips was not thin and sinewy, but solid, sculpted and powerful. 


Just brilliant. Adored this. Thank you for sharing with a much starved fandom.
It is my pleasure.

And thank you for reading and enjoying.

I'm very happy that you liked it.

God, so good. Envy/Edmund/Peter is perfect. Loved it so much! It reminded me a bit of the fic that got me into Pedmund in the first place... it was called Seven Sins, I think.

How about you writing more of those awesome Pedmund ficcily-fics with the other six deadly sins? :D
Thank you, thank you!

If I am feeling inspired, I shall certainly try writing the other Sins.

Can't wait!

That's great to hear, thanks so much for commenting!

Yeah its a shame the fandom has been quite dead for so long - hopefully when the Dawn Treader film is released it will bring things to life a bit more.